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Friday, February 25, 2011

March Madness

Corelli will officially remain in training for another month. which is really good.

I went and rode him on wednesday night in a lesson.
I, being the idiot I am, have only ridden 2x in the past... 6 weeks? ugh. i want to punch myself just thinking about it.
I'm not out of shape... but i'm DEFINITELY out of balance. and my stupid left hand never ceases to be an issue... I'm tempted to ride in a splint... the unfortunate problem with that idea, is the splint would act as a crutch. Would I build the muscle memory i need? Should I try training aids?
my issue is this.... I have an anatomically incorrect left elbow. I broke it when I was 5, so it sits at a funny angle. This, by natural physics of the body's anatomy, makes it so that for my left and right wrist to have the same mechanical advantage in the muscles, my left wrist "cocks" in and down.
For me to fix it so it looks and acts right in riding, it basically has to be everything I think about. It's not natural for it to sit straight. So when my wrist is correct, everything else falls to crap.
This is SO frustrating.
I know I can do it... but how?!

if i can conquer this small fault, i think it'll be the biggest victory in my riding career thus far.

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