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Monday, April 4, 2011

fun photography

Fun in the GA Sun!

well, a picture is worth a thousand words... so here's three thousand.
flat warm up
jump warm up

jumping the moon!

needless to say, we had a GREAT ride today!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Are You Bigtime?

That's one of the bumper stickers on Lauren's truck's back window. Love it.

I rode twice today, and he was fabulous.

Ride #1
We went for a beautiful morning hack on the trails by ourself. He was a little wary of the mud near the bridge, so I got off and led him through it and he was perfect as a prince. We trotted over a little log, through a stream (FINALLY!!!!) and did a little more trotting where I knew the footing would be good. Then we turned around and walked back over the bridge and through the woods, back to the barn.
Since the hack was light and only about 30 minutes, I took him out to the little itty-bitty (12") course that we (Mandy, Lauren, and I) set up last night for the Wilson schooling show that's tomorrow. I worked on pace and rhythm and our balance. Really, I just wanted to see how the course rode, and work on my 2-point and canter seat some more.
He was great. I tried to stay nice and rhythmic, and we only had one issue, where I sat back too much and he plowed right through this tiny oxer. HA. I felt stupid. reset it, jumped it again, and finished. He was great.

I cooled him out, brushed him down, let him eat breakfast, and then turned him out.

Lauren got to the barn around 11 and we (Lauren on Cookie, Josh, JD, and I) went out to the jump field where Lauren jumped Cookie. Well, all the jumps were still 12", so Josh, JD, and I all went to reset them to 3'3".... well, i thought all the holes (which were marked with the ft'in") were correct... until I reset 4 jumps, stepped back and realized that they were 4'3", and not 3'3"...
I looked at Lauren and said,
"hahaha... I think those are a little higher than 3'3"..."
and she replied,
"uh, yeah. but that's okay."
"I followed the marks..."
"Oh, never follow the marks. They're way off!"
"Great...Do you want me to reset them?"
"No, no. It's fine. No problem."

and off she went, jumping almost 4'6" fences... I just laughed to myself. I wish a whole foot wasn't a big deal to me... I'm kicking myself now for not taking my camera out today (like I had wanted to!). They would have been some awesome shots. Cookie is amazing.

Ride #2
I got my mud-masked boy out of the pasture and re-groomed him, put on his all his clothes (which is my catch-all phrase for his wraps, bell boots, saddle pads, saddle/girth, and bridle), and got on. I got through my stretchy-walk warm up, and had begun trotting when Lauren came and started my lesson. He was nice and through and we were doing our best to keep our solid, even tempo. We got through some nice trot and canter each direction, then took a break.
After a nice 5-minute walk-break, we picked him back up and started some good lateral work. We did shoulder-in and leg yielding. Shoulder in is easy for me to post and do, but when it comes to leg yielding, I have to sit to stay balanced and organized (My sitting trot is much much better than my posting trot). We did some acceptable leg yielding, and then his trot became much more collected, even, and all-around nicer.
It was funny, when I began to post again Lauren called through the gusty wind at me "No! sit! I like your sitting trot!" I laughed and sat back in the tack, then asked for a beautiful right lead canter, and then, again, came my affirmation form Lauren, "Beautiful! yes, yes. I like your sitting trot."

So... back to the ab work-outs for me! I'm at the okay-to-sit phase! Which I'm perfectly happy with, I much prefer to sit. I've only been posting because he was so out-of-shape for so long and I wanted to take it more easy on his back. But his back is much different now, and he's much much more fit, so, time to get down and dirty.

are you Bigtime?

we're on our way!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Update time!

Dr. T came out on Wednesday at 3. We jogged in the arena and did a flexion on the back left to re-verify, confirm, and compare his lameness there to the previous friday.

He moved fine on it until it hurt (was flexed hard and palpitated aggressively by Dr T) and then he trotted "off".

We also went at walked and trotted on flat concrete to see his balance. This was really cool... He's toed out in front (knew that already) and he interferes in back.

To watch him trot and really study the flight of his legs is kind of like watching a model on the runway. His hoof prints do not stay in their tracks, he almost walks a straight line down his body, swinging his (hind) hooves in, and then down, and then rolling .

He is shod correctly for his hoof shape and structure, and until this past month, he rarely interfered.

The cause? We (strongly) predict hocks. Before his hock injections, his joints were less comfortable, he had a shorter stride, and his movement was not as animated. Since the injections, he's become (much) more comforatble, developed a longer stride, and his movement is much more animated. He's more comfortable with himself, and it doesn't hurt him to move the way his body is set up to move.

So, to remedy this, we are coordinating with our FABULOUS farrier, Derek Perry, to adjust his balance to hopefully change the flight of his leg to move out, and forward inside of in and down.

For pain management, we have started using the topical ointment, Surpass, and the pill Previcox. Both are anti-inflammatories, but Surpass (though indicated for arthritic joints) has proven itself to be most useful in relieving pain in the skin. It's often perscribed for horses with Scratches (which is a painful skin infection) and issues like this, where scars have nerve damage.

So, that's the game plan for now, folks! He remains happy, active, and in work. We take breaks when he hits himself, and then we keep on truckin' along... :)

Here's a picture of the initial injury, just after being doctored.

Here's a picture of the X-Rays we took in Sept.

I'll post a picture of the scar currently when I take one...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

corelli BO belli

Got ahold of some pictures from previous owners!!! (:
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Purple Pony Yard Sale... ALL SOLD!!

would like to sell locally, everything SUPER cheap... $15 for everything (minus the saddle pads)
( $200 value )
everything will come CLEAN

my horse is 17hh and his colors are blue... so the purple HAS TO GO!!!

1 purple ear fly net
1 purple hay net
1 black w/ purple flames helmet cover
4 pony/small-horse size polo wraps
1 purple sweat scraper
2 purple & black lead ropes
4 pony/small-horse size white pillow wraps
3 purple saddle pads

comment for questions/inquiries/more pictures

Friday, March 18, 2011

Tail Therapy

(excuse the wet streaks! haha!) We're still a little short... (about 3 inches below hocks, though!) but yesterday was my "pamper" day. He got a Listerine tail bath (I don't know why it works, but it does...!) and a long (painful for my arms!) curry-down. He loved that. he was fallin asleep. Big baby. I grazed him a little and then he got dinner while i slathered Survivor into his tail and picked through it with my fingers. it was beautiful and lucious (though short) by the end and smelled OH SO good... Listerine and Survivor mix well!! (:

You can see where he's getting hock rubs... Lauren asked the barn hand to bed his stall a little deeper. hoping that will help a lot. You can also see where he's scabbed from the injections.

Going out today to do lots of walking and some good stretchy trotting. I expect 20-30 minutes and then a bath! can you 80*?!?! I LOVE WARM WEATHER!!!!!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

sometimes, a bad sign leads to a good outcome.

So, at my lesson on Monday night, Corelli started a little off (thought he was maybe stiff, would work out).... But it didn't.

he wanted to have NOTHING to do with supporting any movement off his left hind. We were hoping he maybe tweaked it, and would do better after a night's rest.
Needless to say, being my first horse and my last eventing season before college, I was a nervous wreck: cried all the way home and prayed so sincerely that he would heal quickly.

(It may have been more begging of the Lord, but I know in my heart that it's always, always a "Thy will be done" situation. )

He was still lame the next morning, so Lauren called Dr Thompson to come out and check him out. (Unfortunately, he saw Corelli while I was at work, so I did not get to talk to him in person, but we spoke on the phone.)

A run-over showed swelling in the stifles, and flexion testing showed significant lameness in the hocks. Dr T said that "though the swelling in his stifles is real," the "hocks are the obvious cause" of his lameness... Dr T recommended hock injections, which I asked him to definitely do, and that was completed yesterday.

We are just hoping that the stifles don't flare up like his hocks did, too. He's been on a joint supplement (comparable to Cosequin) for a week now, so hopefully there will be over-all improvement within the next few weeks.
Dr T also recommended the option of Adequan or Legend....

Can you hear my bank account scream yet??

really, this is better for everyone in the long run. now we know he was uncomforable, and we can help him feel better! I just want my baby to be happy and healthy and comfortable... he's 11, so he's definitely still got years left to compete in him.
A little arthritis ain't gonna to stop us... I've had arthritis in this darn left elbow for years now! I take joint supplements (and I'm still YOUNG), so so can he!

To be honest, this, though expensive, is a better outcome for me than many other lameness issues. I can relate. I understand the pain, and I also understand that if you catch it when it first starts to bug ya, you can maintain it really well....

that's all for now!
I'm coutin all the mini-miracles (really, tender mercies.)

Monday, March 14, 2011

I am so unbelievably happy with my horse. My jumping lesson on Saturday was fantastic and I learned a lot about my riding and the things I really need to work on. Canter and trot sets in 2-point...here I come! (tired legs are in my future for a while)
also learned we are best at balance when I sit up and let him move through a line, staying in 2 point the whole time, not driving at all. I love learning things that make the process SO much better, safer, easier, and most of all...more fun!

...another lesson tonight at 8!

oh the victories!
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

chiropractors... I'm a believer!

So, I've seen a chiropractor for myself for a year now, and I can honestly tell the difference! I'm really very pleased.
But when Lauren suggested chiropractic care for Corelli?? uuhhh... that seemed like Valley-Girl-Pet-Psychic overkill. I'm not quite sure why I thought that, if I believe in it so whole-heartedly for myself...
I think my pocketbook was screaming, really.

Well the chiropractor that Lauren uses is also the dentist (he's a vet), and I wanted to have Corelli's teeth looked at. So, I had Lauren put him on the schedule to have his teeth evaluated last Tuesday.

Well, yesterday, I go out to the barn to groom my hairy and muddy beast before the farrier arrives to put new kicks on Corelli. I sit down in the warm sun by Lauren next to the arena; she was teaching a lesson. Lauren greets me with a,
"your boy was sooo AWESOME today!
(can I just tell you how much I love hearing that??)
"oh, and he got a free adjustment on Tuesday.
"I told him that when I write "teeth", it means JUST teeth, but he obviously didn't catch that memo, and he was already finished, so he told me it was free... oh, and his teeth are fine. so you got a free evaluation AND a free adjustment...."

I can't tell you how happy I am. I can really tell how much happier Corelli is. He moved much more forward and free yesterday. It was so much easier for him to move through. I honestly believe it was by the Grace of God that everything has happened the way it has. I honestly will definitely follow up on the chiropractic care. If it makes him feel so much better, then it's definitely worth it.

Needless to say, my ride yesterday was fabulous. I have a jumping lesson today at 1. (I haven't had a formal jumping lesson in years... I had a half flat/half jump lesson in December? with Candee... other than that, it was WHF summer camp in summer 2008.)
so, I'm stoked. Lauren says that when she's been jumping him, he's been awesome... quiet and really rocking back. not even touching rails. yay! (:

oh! the victories! (and blessings!!)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

we were tripping a lot two days ago... and he pulled a bell boot off himself too...
time to be reshod. and for a day off. and lots of hill work to strengthen our butt and thighs.

i'm tired.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

fun in the.... rain...

Took conformation shots.... he wouldn't stand still or square up front though... haha ...
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another addition to the blanket collection....

It's so pretty.... and on sale... and perfect colors!!! Couldn't pass it up! (:
Wool dress sheets rock!
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

March Madness

Corelli will officially remain in training for another month. which is really good.

I went and rode him on wednesday night in a lesson.
I, being the idiot I am, have only ridden 2x in the past... 6 weeks? ugh. i want to punch myself just thinking about it.
I'm not out of shape... but i'm DEFINITELY out of balance. and my stupid left hand never ceases to be an issue... I'm tempted to ride in a splint... the unfortunate problem with that idea, is the splint would act as a crutch. Would I build the muscle memory i need? Should I try training aids?
my issue is this.... I have an anatomically incorrect left elbow. I broke it when I was 5, so it sits at a funny angle. This, by natural physics of the body's anatomy, makes it so that for my left and right wrist to have the same mechanical advantage in the muscles, my left wrist "cocks" in and down.
For me to fix it so it looks and acts right in riding, it basically has to be everything I think about. It's not natural for it to sit straight. So when my wrist is correct, everything else falls to crap.
This is SO frustrating.
I know I can do it... but how?!

if i can conquer this small fault, i think it'll be the biggest victory in my riding career thus far.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Decisions, Decisions....

Decisions to be made. And I need to write them down. and this is my public chronicle/journal of everything horse. so...


1) continue training with Lauren at expensive barn for another month (March)

PROs: good jumping training, more solidifying dressage work, I'd get to ride with an old friend, and more prof. under-saddle training increases his re-sale price

CONs: money. it's expensive (though the facility and training is 100% worth it). if i do this, I may not get to be able to do other options. and that could be more detrimental

2) move Corelli back "home" and buy a trailer

PROs: freedom of being able to go anywhere when we need/want to. i'd be able to XC school lots, go to shows on my own (thus more shows), trailer out to lessons with Lauren (and other great trainers), all the good stuff. oh, and go to the vet if need be (knock on wood). also, with our history of loading issues, once i got him accustom to this one trailer, I wouldn't have to worry whether he'll ever make it to point B

CONs: maintenance (on truck AND trailer), money... always the money!

3) spend 1 more month with Lauren AND buy a trailer (in my dreams!!)

PROs: combine both PROs from previous options...

CONs: combine all the CONs too.... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ out of my ears...

What am I leaning towards? trailer. for sure....

and then there's the whole issue of work. which is a different beast to be tamed... more later...

looking for victories...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First Lessons, and How my Hottie's doing...

1st matter of business:
Corelli is doing FABULOUS! with Ms. Lauren. He's stretching beautifully into contact at the walk and trot, and reaching through into good (Training level/BN level) contact at the trot and canter. His transitions are getting nicer and nicer. I'm very proud. Lucky to have such a malleable and sweet boy. He loves to please, and he absolutely loves his job.

2nd matter of business:
I had my first lesson with Lauren last Friday. Considering I hadn't had a lesson in 2 months, and had only been riding on weekends, I was a tad nervous to see howit was to go. To add pressure, my awesome boyfriend was there to see me ride (for his first time). We first watched my boy go, with Lauren aboard. I explained everything I could and answered all his questions, and then I went to go tack up Lauren's mare, Bigtime Grafitti. Grafitti is this beautiful Perch/Paint cross. In pictures, she looks like she's 16.3.... in reality, she's about 15.1. I was a little surprised, but I never doubt a horse because of their size. I'd seen this girl in video and pictures, and was hoping I would be able to put her together some-what well.

In short, the ride went really really well. For being out of the "feel" for so long, I got it back by the end, and learned a lot about my body that I wasn't aware of as I rode. I twist to the left. BAD. and I love to drop my hands and "open" my rein instead of pulling it to my hip.
I was able to get Grafitti through herself and moving up and forward very well, and I was glad I hadn't turned into complete pudding for a rider. I'm excited for another lesson. (:

I'm off to volunteer at Poplar this weekend.... Hopefully I'll get to see some old (and new!) friends!!!

oh, the victories!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hot Brass, Stretching on Down

Corelli on the trailer just before going to stay with Ms. Lauren! (2/1/11)


Went out and saw Lauren ride Corelli on Sunday (2/6/11). I got there as she was grooming him.. Big Red had decided to roll in the mud and he was NASTY. I feel bad for Lauren for having to deal with his gross dirt-woven coat!
(He got there beautifully clean... didn't last long! ): )

Anywho. She got on him and he immediately began stretching through his back and into the bridle.... eating-the-arena-footing status. I honestly couldn't believe how quickly he caught on, and he realized he loved stretching. walk and trot, he was swingy and stretchy and just beautiful. Lauren says he's also being staying off her inside leg and has stopped "diving" through corners. yay!
I was so proud of Corelli. I can't wait to see how he does "stretchy" at the canter, and then over fences with her. and I can't wait to start riding him again (: I just don't want to mess him up right now... he's going so well! and I know that I'm a good rider, and I honestly wouldn't "screw him up" but I definitely want my first ride back on him to be with Lauren so she can explain all her techniques.

I knew he would progress quickly under consistent riding. I was only able to ride him 1x per week because of work and the weather, and I felt bad because every ride we spent at least half of it warming up. We couldn't have consistency. It was just too cold for me to go ride at 8pm in 20* weather. Luckily, March will be much warmer and much lighter, later.

While I was there on Sunday, a woman who was riding her leased pony asked me if I would lease him out! I was very flattered, but I haven't even competed with him yet! I gotta put some miles on him first (: although, I'll definitely let everyone around Wilson know whenever I decide to sell him this fall (: such nice, good horsemen (and women!).

Hurrah for all the victories!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hot Brass Hit the BIGTIME

Not only have we chosen the looovely Lauren Weil as our trainer for boot camp, we are stabled at a beautiful farm and Corelli loaded onto the trailer within 15 minutes!! wohoo!!

I guess he's officially a little Bigtime Eventing pony (horse).

More to come as his training progresses... so far Lauren loves him!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hot Brass got a workout today!! cont...

We set up some singles warm-up style and had a great ride. He loves Swedish oxers!! Oh, the little victories (:
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Hot Brass got a work out!

It was 60* and sunny and we had an AMAZING jumping ride. He didn't stop, refuse, touch, or knock anything!!! Love my boy (:
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hot Brass, Hotter Than Ever

What a FABULOUS weekend we had...
Corelli was a fantastic boy on Friday afternoon. I actually made myself go and ride dressage. (which I can do, I just love jumping). I am so glad I did. He was fantastic, really stretching into the bridle, offering to lift and move through himself. I was a very proud mama! Extra treats for the Big Red that evening.

Saturday, Dominique (mybest friend) came out to the barn with me and rode him first. She rides with Richard Lifton daily, so it's needless to say that she's on top of her dressage. She put that boy through everything he knew, and I was grateful. I'm hoping she will come out and ride him as much as she can until 'Relli goes to boot camp (more on that later..). I took pictures...I'll post them as soon as I'm home and on the right computer.

After Mo rode, I got on and she helped me jump. I set up an easy grid for a little gymnastic work, but it didn't go as well as it usually does. He's due to be shod, so he was jumping a tad twisted and uneven. Well, more than a tad. He was knocking down rails left and right at 2'6". So, he gets his pedicure this week and then we'll try to jump better this weekend. I should have known better. * facepalm *

I thankfully have Wednesday and Thursday off from work, so I'll be able to get some good riding in. (the office is closed on Fr/St anyway, so that's 4 straight days of riding! (i don't ride Sundays))

Onwards to "Boot Camp" explanation:

Hot Brass is gonna go get his skinny booty kicked into shape! We've decided that because of work + weather + daylight savings, the equation isn't ending up exactly balanced, and there's no way I can get him in shape by myself (with 1x/weekly lessons) by the time show season really picks up in March. So Mr. Relli is going to school with someone to solidify his dressage and learn some gymnastics and course work over fences! yay!

I'm looking at sending him to (hopefully!!) Lauren Weil. I've heard FABULOUS things about her, I'm just waiting to hear back from her on a time we can meet up and talk.

More to come later this week....

Loving the little victories (:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ice, Ice, Baby...

All I have to say is that I would really like to ride.

Unfortunately, the weather has been terrible. Exactly a week ago, we got 5 inches of snow, that quickly turned into ice. Because GA is so unprepared for such situations, schools were closed all week, and most of the roads were covered in ice.

Lucky for me, my lovely small SUV has 4wd and I was out and about all week... I didnt work (except for 3 hours on Thursday, after most roads had been cleared) but the arena was frozen solid with 4 inches of ice on it. So, yeah, riding was out of the question.

I'm dying here... my life feels so unbalanced. I spend so much time at school and work that I have limited time for myself and family, let alone 2 hours everyday to get out and ride my horse. Not while it gets dark at 5:30 and the temperatures get below freezing. It's just not healthy. I just feel so crappy. My horse loving having so much time off... I hate it!

For the sake of my sanity, and the training and well being of my horse.... Weather, PLEASE WARM UP!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hot Brass over the Line-Barrel-Line

After 15 minutes of fantastic dressage work the day before, I decided that we would have some fun.
Yes, I'm very liberal with my rewards... (: I'm sorry that we both like jumping much more than we like Dressage. I know that this won't help us. yeah, I know...

Anyway. I got to the barn, groomed, tacked up, and then turned Corelli out in the arena while I set jumps. He took off bucking when I told him to go away, and ran around the arena a bit. Glad he got the jitter bugs out without me on him. But I was only glad of this... until he rolled.... with all my tack on.

Luckily, he didn't break the tree in my saddle. But he did cake his breastplate and bridle in M10 sand. They're both now home for me to pull apart and clean... but that's alright.
We still had a great ride:

I set up a 21' 1-stride with 2'9" verticals along one side (ground lines set for both directions), 2 barrels on their side along a diagonal, and a small 2' verticle to warm up on the other diagonal.

I started with one of the 2'9" verticals on the ground, acting as a placement pole while we warmed up.

He only jumped through the vertical once, and then he was careful of his feet. I was pleased.

By the end of our ride, we were jumping the line starting from one direction, across the diagonal, over the barrels, and back to the line from the other direction. once we did that perfectly 4 or 5 times. I cooled out and was done.

It's hard not having a jump buddy... It really limits the amount you can do in your rides. It's just not worth it to get off and on some inordinate amount of times... But he was so good, I wont complain.

It's the little victories (:

Hot Brass in Cold Weather


Before Christmas, I took my cousin Jared to meet my horse. Naturally, he wanted to ride.

I was entirely unsure how Corelli would handle a 6'4", 215lb of solid muscle 20 year old on his back. But, I threw Jared up there anyway.
After a couple minutes of basic tips, I told Jared where the E-brakes were, and that he would need to grab mane if he was feeling unbalanced.

Let's just say, my horse is perfect. He knew immediately he had a less-experienced rider on his back, and waited until he knew Jared was balanced until he let him have any fun.
But once Corelli knew Jared was safe, boy, did they have fun! Jared was cantering around on my baby like a real cowboy. I'll find a way to post some pictures.

2 weeks later...

Well, GA has had a cold, cold winter. It's been fairly wet, too.
Because of the wet + cold, I haven't been able to ride much.
Because the lack of riding, Corelli hasn't been able to get his jitters out.
and because of this, my normally calm, sweet horse was crazy.

The sky was grey, the wind was pretty strong, and I hadn't ridden in 2 weeks.

Needless to say, what was supposed to be an easy dressage ride began with 30 minutes of spooking at leaves and squirrels, and bolting and bucking across the arena when large gusts of wind blew between Corelli's ears...

Finally. I got some good work out of him. We finally were able to trot through ourself and into the bridle. Lifting our back, pushing from behind. What a fabulous feeling, knowing my horse hasn't completely forgotten how to move!!

It's the little victories.

How It All Started... Corelli Edition

Enter, Corelli

I found Corelli on Craigslist (I wasn't even looking for a horse, I was looking for Dressage Tack and came across his ad). I absolutely do not trust anything on Craigslist, but I had a hunch, and emailed his owner, Lois, and began talking to her about him.

Later, we find out, that Richard had been training Lois and Corelli for quite a while. Richard told me he liked Corelli, and had before thought that he would be a good horse for me.... funny how things work out sometimes!! Needless to say, I bought him.

A little about my boy:

Corelli was formerly known as Bubbie, and registered with the Jockey Club as Gee Dubya Bee. Yes, he is an Off-The-Track Thoroughbred. Click on his Registered name to check out his pedigree. He made a whopping $22,780 on the track off of his one win. Goodness only knows why he had 40 starts. My guess is claiming races.

From what I know, he somehow went from the breeder in TX to the track, 40 starts later, somehow ended up at an auction in the North-East USA. There, a woman named Jessie bought him, and considered training him up as a jumping prospect. She didn't have time for him and sold him to a woman named Lois, who started him in some basic dressage and jumping, and then I bought him in September of 2010.

My boy is a sweetheart, a great work ethic and an attitude aiming to please. Hes the calmest TB I've ever met, and I absolutely adore him even though many would say he ain't the prettiest.

He's a 16.3h, 11 year old, chestnut gelding. He was pretty thin and dull when I bought him, but a good farrier, TC Senior feed, grass pasture and Biotin&Lysine supplements have greatly improved his hooves, coat, and weight. And attitude.

We began our training with Richard, but as I got further into ownership, I found that I needed a job to help support this living, breathing, practically helpless beast I had acquired. I also found it necessary to move to a facility that was closer to my home, and where board was less expensive. Unfortunately, in this process, I lost Richard as my trainer. But on the brighter side, I knew the perfect person to help me get our feet (hooves) back into the eventing waters. (literally and figuratively) (:

Enter, Candee Niss.

After many fantastic and successful experiences with Candee at Willow South, I felt she was the best fit for me and my boy. Boy, am I glad I did. Although we've had to kinda reverse our training and completely re-establish basics, she has helped us establish that proper foundation, and she has begun to fix some of my horrible habits that I had developed.

In doing all of this, I found that training to compete isn't my #1 priority anymore.
I want to ride my horse to keep him healthy and happy and because it's what I love. I hope we can compete soon, but in the meantime, I'm going to have fun. I'm finding the smallest victories should be, and are, my favorite ones. (: