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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hot Brass, Stretching on Down

Corelli on the trailer just before going to stay with Ms. Lauren! (2/1/11)


Went out and saw Lauren ride Corelli on Sunday (2/6/11). I got there as she was grooming him.. Big Red had decided to roll in the mud and he was NASTY. I feel bad for Lauren for having to deal with his gross dirt-woven coat!
(He got there beautifully clean... didn't last long! ): )

Anywho. She got on him and he immediately began stretching through his back and into the bridle.... eating-the-arena-footing status. I honestly couldn't believe how quickly he caught on, and he realized he loved stretching. walk and trot, he was swingy and stretchy and just beautiful. Lauren says he's also being staying off her inside leg and has stopped "diving" through corners. yay!
I was so proud of Corelli. I can't wait to see how he does "stretchy" at the canter, and then over fences with her. and I can't wait to start riding him again (: I just don't want to mess him up right now... he's going so well! and I know that I'm a good rider, and I honestly wouldn't "screw him up" but I definitely want my first ride back on him to be with Lauren so she can explain all her techniques.

I knew he would progress quickly under consistent riding. I was only able to ride him 1x per week because of work and the weather, and I felt bad because every ride we spent at least half of it warming up. We couldn't have consistency. It was just too cold for me to go ride at 8pm in 20* weather. Luckily, March will be much warmer and much lighter, later.

While I was there on Sunday, a woman who was riding her leased pony asked me if I would lease him out! I was very flattered, but I haven't even competed with him yet! I gotta put some miles on him first (: although, I'll definitely let everyone around Wilson know whenever I decide to sell him this fall (: such nice, good horsemen (and women!).

Hurrah for all the victories!

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