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Friday, February 25, 2011

March Madness

Corelli will officially remain in training for another month. which is really good.

I went and rode him on wednesday night in a lesson.
I, being the idiot I am, have only ridden 2x in the past... 6 weeks? ugh. i want to punch myself just thinking about it.
I'm not out of shape... but i'm DEFINITELY out of balance. and my stupid left hand never ceases to be an issue... I'm tempted to ride in a splint... the unfortunate problem with that idea, is the splint would act as a crutch. Would I build the muscle memory i need? Should I try training aids?
my issue is this.... I have an anatomically incorrect left elbow. I broke it when I was 5, so it sits at a funny angle. This, by natural physics of the body's anatomy, makes it so that for my left and right wrist to have the same mechanical advantage in the muscles, my left wrist "cocks" in and down.
For me to fix it so it looks and acts right in riding, it basically has to be everything I think about. It's not natural for it to sit straight. So when my wrist is correct, everything else falls to crap.
This is SO frustrating.
I know I can do it... but how?!

if i can conquer this small fault, i think it'll be the biggest victory in my riding career thus far.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Decisions, Decisions....

Decisions to be made. And I need to write them down. and this is my public chronicle/journal of everything horse. so...


1) continue training with Lauren at expensive barn for another month (March)

PROs: good jumping training, more solidifying dressage work, I'd get to ride with an old friend, and more prof. under-saddle training increases his re-sale price

CONs: money. it's expensive (though the facility and training is 100% worth it). if i do this, I may not get to be able to do other options. and that could be more detrimental

2) move Corelli back "home" and buy a trailer

PROs: freedom of being able to go anywhere when we need/want to. i'd be able to XC school lots, go to shows on my own (thus more shows), trailer out to lessons with Lauren (and other great trainers), all the good stuff. oh, and go to the vet if need be (knock on wood). also, with our history of loading issues, once i got him accustom to this one trailer, I wouldn't have to worry whether he'll ever make it to point B

CONs: maintenance (on truck AND trailer), money... always the money!

3) spend 1 more month with Lauren AND buy a trailer (in my dreams!!)

PROs: combine both PROs from previous options...

CONs: combine all the CONs too.... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ out of my ears...

What am I leaning towards? trailer. for sure....

and then there's the whole issue of work. which is a different beast to be tamed... more later...

looking for victories...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First Lessons, and How my Hottie's doing...

1st matter of business:
Corelli is doing FABULOUS! with Ms. Lauren. He's stretching beautifully into contact at the walk and trot, and reaching through into good (Training level/BN level) contact at the trot and canter. His transitions are getting nicer and nicer. I'm very proud. Lucky to have such a malleable and sweet boy. He loves to please, and he absolutely loves his job.

2nd matter of business:
I had my first lesson with Lauren last Friday. Considering I hadn't had a lesson in 2 months, and had only been riding on weekends, I was a tad nervous to see howit was to go. To add pressure, my awesome boyfriend was there to see me ride (for his first time). We first watched my boy go, with Lauren aboard. I explained everything I could and answered all his questions, and then I went to go tack up Lauren's mare, Bigtime Grafitti. Grafitti is this beautiful Perch/Paint cross. In pictures, she looks like she's 16.3.... in reality, she's about 15.1. I was a little surprised, but I never doubt a horse because of their size. I'd seen this girl in video and pictures, and was hoping I would be able to put her together some-what well.

In short, the ride went really really well. For being out of the "feel" for so long, I got it back by the end, and learned a lot about my body that I wasn't aware of as I rode. I twist to the left. BAD. and I love to drop my hands and "open" my rein instead of pulling it to my hip.
I was able to get Grafitti through herself and moving up and forward very well, and I was glad I hadn't turned into complete pudding for a rider. I'm excited for another lesson. (:

I'm off to volunteer at Poplar this weekend.... Hopefully I'll get to see some old (and new!) friends!!!

oh, the victories!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hot Brass, Stretching on Down

Corelli on the trailer just before going to stay with Ms. Lauren! (2/1/11)


Went out and saw Lauren ride Corelli on Sunday (2/6/11). I got there as she was grooming him.. Big Red had decided to roll in the mud and he was NASTY. I feel bad for Lauren for having to deal with his gross dirt-woven coat!
(He got there beautifully clean... didn't last long! ): )

Anywho. She got on him and he immediately began stretching through his back and into the bridle.... eating-the-arena-footing status. I honestly couldn't believe how quickly he caught on, and he realized he loved stretching. walk and trot, he was swingy and stretchy and just beautiful. Lauren says he's also being staying off her inside leg and has stopped "diving" through corners. yay!
I was so proud of Corelli. I can't wait to see how he does "stretchy" at the canter, and then over fences with her. and I can't wait to start riding him again (: I just don't want to mess him up right now... he's going so well! and I know that I'm a good rider, and I honestly wouldn't "screw him up" but I definitely want my first ride back on him to be with Lauren so she can explain all her techniques.

I knew he would progress quickly under consistent riding. I was only able to ride him 1x per week because of work and the weather, and I felt bad because every ride we spent at least half of it warming up. We couldn't have consistency. It was just too cold for me to go ride at 8pm in 20* weather. Luckily, March will be much warmer and much lighter, later.

While I was there on Sunday, a woman who was riding her leased pony asked me if I would lease him out! I was very flattered, but I haven't even competed with him yet! I gotta put some miles on him first (: although, I'll definitely let everyone around Wilson know whenever I decide to sell him this fall (: such nice, good horsemen (and women!).

Hurrah for all the victories!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hot Brass Hit the BIGTIME

Not only have we chosen the looovely Lauren Weil as our trainer for boot camp, we are stabled at a beautiful farm and Corelli loaded onto the trailer within 15 minutes!! wohoo!!

I guess he's officially a little Bigtime Eventing pony (horse).

More to come as his training progresses... so far Lauren loves him!!