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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ice, Ice, Baby...

All I have to say is that I would really like to ride.

Unfortunately, the weather has been terrible. Exactly a week ago, we got 5 inches of snow, that quickly turned into ice. Because GA is so unprepared for such situations, schools were closed all week, and most of the roads were covered in ice.

Lucky for me, my lovely small SUV has 4wd and I was out and about all week... I didnt work (except for 3 hours on Thursday, after most roads had been cleared) but the arena was frozen solid with 4 inches of ice on it. So, yeah, riding was out of the question.

I'm dying here... my life feels so unbalanced. I spend so much time at school and work that I have limited time for myself and family, let alone 2 hours everyday to get out and ride my horse. Not while it gets dark at 5:30 and the temperatures get below freezing. It's just not healthy. I just feel so crappy. My horse loving having so much time off... I hate it!

For the sake of my sanity, and the training and well being of my horse.... Weather, PLEASE WARM UP!!!

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