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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hot Brass in Cold Weather


Before Christmas, I took my cousin Jared to meet my horse. Naturally, he wanted to ride.

I was entirely unsure how Corelli would handle a 6'4", 215lb of solid muscle 20 year old on his back. But, I threw Jared up there anyway.
After a couple minutes of basic tips, I told Jared where the E-brakes were, and that he would need to grab mane if he was feeling unbalanced.

Let's just say, my horse is perfect. He knew immediately he had a less-experienced rider on his back, and waited until he knew Jared was balanced until he let him have any fun.
But once Corelli knew Jared was safe, boy, did they have fun! Jared was cantering around on my baby like a real cowboy. I'll find a way to post some pictures.

2 weeks later...

Well, GA has had a cold, cold winter. It's been fairly wet, too.
Because of the wet + cold, I haven't been able to ride much.
Because the lack of riding, Corelli hasn't been able to get his jitters out.
and because of this, my normally calm, sweet horse was crazy.

The sky was grey, the wind was pretty strong, and I hadn't ridden in 2 weeks.

Needless to say, what was supposed to be an easy dressage ride began with 30 minutes of spooking at leaves and squirrels, and bolting and bucking across the arena when large gusts of wind blew between Corelli's ears...

Finally. I got some good work out of him. We finally were able to trot through ourself and into the bridle. Lifting our back, pushing from behind. What a fabulous feeling, knowing my horse hasn't completely forgotten how to move!!

It's the little victories.

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