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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hot Brass, Hotter Than Ever

What a FABULOUS weekend we had...
Corelli was a fantastic boy on Friday afternoon. I actually made myself go and ride dressage. (which I can do, I just love jumping). I am so glad I did. He was fantastic, really stretching into the bridle, offering to lift and move through himself. I was a very proud mama! Extra treats for the Big Red that evening.

Saturday, Dominique (mybest friend) came out to the barn with me and rode him first. She rides with Richard Lifton daily, so it's needless to say that she's on top of her dressage. She put that boy through everything he knew, and I was grateful. I'm hoping she will come out and ride him as much as she can until 'Relli goes to boot camp (more on that later..). I took pictures...I'll post them as soon as I'm home and on the right computer.

After Mo rode, I got on and she helped me jump. I set up an easy grid for a little gymnastic work, but it didn't go as well as it usually does. He's due to be shod, so he was jumping a tad twisted and uneven. Well, more than a tad. He was knocking down rails left and right at 2'6". So, he gets his pedicure this week and then we'll try to jump better this weekend. I should have known better. * facepalm *

I thankfully have Wednesday and Thursday off from work, so I'll be able to get some good riding in. (the office is closed on Fr/St anyway, so that's 4 straight days of riding! (i don't ride Sundays))

Onwards to "Boot Camp" explanation:

Hot Brass is gonna go get his skinny booty kicked into shape! We've decided that because of work + weather + daylight savings, the equation isn't ending up exactly balanced, and there's no way I can get him in shape by myself (with 1x/weekly lessons) by the time show season really picks up in March. So Mr. Relli is going to school with someone to solidify his dressage and learn some gymnastics and course work over fences! yay!

I'm looking at sending him to (hopefully!!) Lauren Weil. I've heard FABULOUS things about her, I'm just waiting to hear back from her on a time we can meet up and talk.

More to come later this week....

Loving the little victories (:

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