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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hot Brass over the Line-Barrel-Line

After 15 minutes of fantastic dressage work the day before, I decided that we would have some fun.
Yes, I'm very liberal with my rewards... (: I'm sorry that we both like jumping much more than we like Dressage. I know that this won't help us. yeah, I know...

Anyway. I got to the barn, groomed, tacked up, and then turned Corelli out in the arena while I set jumps. He took off bucking when I told him to go away, and ran around the arena a bit. Glad he got the jitter bugs out without me on him. But I was only glad of this... until he rolled.... with all my tack on.

Luckily, he didn't break the tree in my saddle. But he did cake his breastplate and bridle in M10 sand. They're both now home for me to pull apart and clean... but that's alright.
We still had a great ride:

I set up a 21' 1-stride with 2'9" verticals along one side (ground lines set for both directions), 2 barrels on their side along a diagonal, and a small 2' verticle to warm up on the other diagonal.

I started with one of the 2'9" verticals on the ground, acting as a placement pole while we warmed up.

He only jumped through the vertical once, and then he was careful of his feet. I was pleased.

By the end of our ride, we were jumping the line starting from one direction, across the diagonal, over the barrels, and back to the line from the other direction. once we did that perfectly 4 or 5 times. I cooled out and was done.

It's hard not having a jump buddy... It really limits the amount you can do in your rides. It's just not worth it to get off and on some inordinate amount of times... But he was so good, I wont complain.

It's the little victories (:

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