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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

sometimes, a bad sign leads to a good outcome.

So, at my lesson on Monday night, Corelli started a little off (thought he was maybe stiff, would work out).... But it didn't.

he wanted to have NOTHING to do with supporting any movement off his left hind. We were hoping he maybe tweaked it, and would do better after a night's rest.
Needless to say, being my first horse and my last eventing season before college, I was a nervous wreck: cried all the way home and prayed so sincerely that he would heal quickly.

(It may have been more begging of the Lord, but I know in my heart that it's always, always a "Thy will be done" situation. )

He was still lame the next morning, so Lauren called Dr Thompson to come out and check him out. (Unfortunately, he saw Corelli while I was at work, so I did not get to talk to him in person, but we spoke on the phone.)

A run-over showed swelling in the stifles, and flexion testing showed significant lameness in the hocks. Dr T said that "though the swelling in his stifles is real," the "hocks are the obvious cause" of his lameness... Dr T recommended hock injections, which I asked him to definitely do, and that was completed yesterday.

We are just hoping that the stifles don't flare up like his hocks did, too. He's been on a joint supplement (comparable to Cosequin) for a week now, so hopefully there will be over-all improvement within the next few weeks.
Dr T also recommended the option of Adequan or Legend....

Can you hear my bank account scream yet??

really, this is better for everyone in the long run. now we know he was uncomforable, and we can help him feel better! I just want my baby to be happy and healthy and comfortable... he's 11, so he's definitely still got years left to compete in him.
A little arthritis ain't gonna to stop us... I've had arthritis in this darn left elbow for years now! I take joint supplements (and I'm still YOUNG), so so can he!

To be honest, this, though expensive, is a better outcome for me than many other lameness issues. I can relate. I understand the pain, and I also understand that if you catch it when it first starts to bug ya, you can maintain it really well....

that's all for now!
I'm coutin all the mini-miracles (really, tender mercies.)

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  1. Didn't know you had a bog! Looking forward to reading more :o)