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Friday, March 18, 2011

Tail Therapy

(excuse the wet streaks! haha!) We're still a little short... (about 3 inches below hocks, though!) but yesterday was my "pamper" day. He got a Listerine tail bath (I don't know why it works, but it does...!) and a long (painful for my arms!) curry-down. He loved that. he was fallin asleep. Big baby. I grazed him a little and then he got dinner while i slathered Survivor into his tail and picked through it with my fingers. it was beautiful and lucious (though short) by the end and smelled OH SO good... Listerine and Survivor mix well!! (:

You can see where he's getting hock rubs... Lauren asked the barn hand to bed his stall a little deeper. hoping that will help a lot. You can also see where he's scabbed from the injections.

Going out today to do lots of walking and some good stretchy trotting. I expect 20-30 minutes and then a bath! can you 80*?!?! I LOVE WARM WEATHER!!!!!

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