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Sunday, March 6, 2011

confirmation critique!

Comment away!
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  1. not really a critique, but a comment. my saddle fitter commented the other day that my mare's back was rather "flat" once her withers finish sloping- your guy has a very similar shape- which can make saddle fitting hard as many saddles, like my stubben are too "curvy". have you had issues with this? what do you ride in?

  2. I ride in a stubben siegfried to jump, but I have a mattes underneath. He seems to do well in it, though I haven't really had it "fitted". I just check the normal points- width, interference with shoulder, height above withers, slope pommel-cantel. It fits well with the mattes.... dressage saddles, on the other hand, are seemingly impossible. I have a Charles de Kunffy, and although it has NO thigh block (ugh), it doesn't fit him horrendously, so again, i ride with the mattes.
    I wish I could get something really nice... just not in the budget!